VegeSet is brought to you by Just Wholefoods – a wholly vegetarian company.

Just Wholefoods was started in 1989 by me, Anne Madden, and James White from our home in Cirencester. Some 20 years later we are still happily in Cirencester but now work from a factory in the town’s industrial area. We are a very small company – James and I work full time with the help of our staff Ric, Anthony & Tim.

We manufacture a wide range of vegetarian foods and are delighted to have supplied the vegetarian eating public with our Jelly Crystals for so many years. Our Vegetarian Jelly Crystals have inspired our customers to send pictures into the office of children’s parties and special family events which is really lovely to see. I am hoping that VegeSet might have the same effect and would very much like to get a recipe swapping forum on the website – watch this space as they say.

For a full list of the Just Wholefoods range visit www.justwholefoods.co.uk